Baseball Athlete Evaluation

RSB Athlete Evaluation

Leave the guesswork at home. Our team at Rick Strickland Baseball relies on the most cutting-edge technology to identify mechanical flaws in all aspects of your game and help you become more efficient and effective in every single movement. 

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Here's how it works: 

Our in-house Evaluation technology uses a 3D motion analysis, HitTrax Assessment, and Bat Path analysis tools to track your every movement and grades your mobility and efficiency based on your unique skill set. 

With this data, we can rely on concrete steps to improvement, rather than guessing.

The Athlete Evaluation at Rick Strickland Baseball boils every aspect of your approach down to one set of data points. From there, we have a customized path to success.

How Do We Know It Works?

Our Athlete Evaluation technology has been used for years by Major League Baseball organizations and high-level college baseball teams across the country. We have taken it a step further, adapting the system for everyday players of all ages. Whether you're a high-level player or just getting started, our system is designed to help you get the most out of your body with catered training programs to improve every aspect of your movement. 

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Swing Skills 

Increase Accuracy with a Hit Trax Baseline Assessment

Get ready to see exactly how your ball comes off the bat and dial in the minute changes that dramatically increase accuracy. Stop spending 100s of hours in a cage to “feel” the ball and start seeing it exactly as it comes off your bat.

Reduce Strikes with a Bat Path Analysis

You’ll see how your bat travels through the strike zone, understanding, in 3D, how to react to different pitches.

Smarter Training 

The Data Your Coach is Missing

Most coaches don’t have access to the technology, data, or do anything except fit players into a broken hitting “style system.” We have the data and knowledge your coach is missing.

Any Age, Any Ability

Adapt your swing to your unique movement and flexibility patterns, discover specific strength deficiencies, and hit more accurately after you adopt a swing style guaranteed to work for you.

Comprehensive Feedback

Train Smarter with a Complete 3D Motion Analysis

Our analysis shows you how to train smarter by targeting your individual weak points. You’ll see, in real-time and in 3D, muscle imbalances and flexibility limitations at work in your movements. Understanding how to train and workout simplifies your path to improvement. Smarter training also reduces injury risk.

Improve Immediately when You Work with Your Body Instead of Against It

Our analysis unlocks immediate improvement by increasing movement awareness. You’ll understand how to adapt your body to your unique strengths and movement patterns.

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