Timing and Off Plane Movements

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Speaking Notes to Talk About This Week at Palooza

Couple things I’m going to talk about is off plane movements versus on plane movements. What I’ve been able to discover working with hitters over the past year using my blast sensor. I’ve worked with a lot of players of various skill level and playing levels and success with it. Fortunately for me I get to work with a lot of really good players, both at the high school level, the collegiate level, and also professional level, and then a few at the major league level. It’s astonishing on the information that you find when you’re working with these guys, especially when it comes to their ability to get the bat on plane. Some of the things I’ve come across with this, I’ve seen guys who are … I guess a lot of the guys I work with aren’t I would consider to be extremely proficient at being on the plane of the pitch a long time, but they’ve had great level of success.

Man, hell, one of the kids was a Golden Spikes award winner and a high draft pick, and had a chance to be a Perennial All-Star in the big leagues, but what I see is that’s a commonality amongst these really good players is a lot of strength, the ability to produce power, really good and I would almost say exceptional hand-eye coordination. I’ve come to this conclusion that I know a lot of times when we listen to people on social media that they’re bagging guys that had a big league guy put out on social media about swing when he just stopped in and people wanted to eat it up, how bad his swing got. Now you guys really got to check yourself on that because we’re talking about a major league guy that’s … statistically has been a above average hitter at the major league level, but what we would consider is [inaudible 00:02:11] of the swing a below average swing.

I have to be careful when you go out say, “Well, your swing sucks and you can’t hit like that,” and think like that because what this guy has proven is he can do it and he can do it on a semi-consistent basis at the big leagues and be able to do it with power. It didn’t mean that the kid should be able to continue to go out there and swing like that, I think all of us as we play should all be striving to be a better player, better hitter. What they been showing us is the best ones have the ability to get the bat on plane early and stay on plane late. I go back to the point that those guys who are all playing can have relative success but it’s harder, it’s harder and I think most of it, I’ll sum it up in this regard, is a timing issue that they have. When I speak of timing I’m not talking about timing when it comes to being able to time a pitch, being able to identify it out of the hand and being able to recognize it and swing accordingly.

The reality of the timing issue is that a lot of things fall apart in the body, and the sequencing of the body, and the kinetic chain and things of that nature which makes it a little bit more difficult for those guys to execute the type of swing that they’re trying to talk about. Specifically I’m talking about those guys that have all plane movements do get the bat on plane but they tend to get the bat on plane late. That means that the sweet spot of the bat has very little margin of error. If it arrives too late to hit the ball, chances are the exit speeds aren’t going to be like it was, the quality of the compression of the baseball is not going to be like you want it to be. Those types of things are what I mean by timing.

The other thing I’m finding out while using technology is those guys tend to not, they build speed, but they actually build it improperly because they rotate differently than the guys who are on plane. What we’ve, as we’ve gone out and used the sensor to be able to do things like that, we’ve been able to experiment with guys being able to build better back speed, to be able to build more time in the zone. Now, whether that gets them more hits or not like that, I don’t particularly know, but what I do know is they should be more equipped, especially if they have the hand-eye coordination and the cognitive ability, and the athletic ability to be good players that the skill and the tool shed should be stocked a little bit better than the guys who have off plane movement.

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