The dangers of hitting ground balls

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I was a former high school player and collegiate player, and along the way I was taught how to hit. Because I was a good athlete who ran really fast, my coaches were always training me to hit the ball down on the ground and use my speed. That happened in college, and then when I got on it to pro ball, the same type of mentality of teaching me to hit was thrown at me. Hit the ball on the ground to shortstop, use your speed.

The only problem with that is I started to progress, I got a little older, probably slowed down a tick, but really important as you move up levels, the game actually sped up. The players that I was playing against were people who would be playing the big leagues and could throw it faster and get to the ball quicker. I started to run into a wall where I didn’t get a whole lot of success, and then ultimately that led to the end of my career.

When I got out of pro ball and I started coaching youth players and high school players, I stared to take the same mentality that was taught to me by my coaches, my predecessors, on teaching these young athletes there. As you really start to think about it, as these guys started to get to a certain point where they didn’t progress anymore, you start to reevaluate your training methods and start to really look at what was effective and what was not effective.

That led me to start looking at different training techniques on the Internet, talking to different coaches about how they did it, but the one thing that really got to me, that really kind of changed my mind, when I ran into a golf instructor and he started introducing me to the world of three biomechanics. We started to really start to look at how the body works and how it produces things that actually causes the events in a particular swing. We really started to look at the sequence and the order of how things were being done.

Once I started to look deeper in that and started to really start to put some of those ideas into a progressive training program and really focusing on the body development of the athletes, I really started to understand that there was a difference between the skill part of it, and there was a difference between the athletic movement part of developing the baseball swing. That’s how we came up with this swing evaluation product. Really was designed to look at first, the body and then second, the actual skill component of swinging the baseball bat.

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