30-Day Swing Rehab

The Online Coaching Program Revolutionizing Baseball.

More Power with Every Hit. Guaranteed.

Rick Strickland Baseball revolutionized the world of youth development coaching by applying major league proven swing analysis with individualized coaching and recommendations.

Now, the very same research-backed tools once only available at RSB’s in person camps are available online. Built for coaches working with the most successful development teams, minor league clubs, and collegiate programs in the nation, this incredible database of step-by- step swing analysis and correction tools is now available to players of all ages and ability levels.

Approach every at-bats with unstoppable confidence, power, and a precision swing.

Powerful, Accurate Hitting. 

Unstoppable At-Bat Confidence.

The Swing Rehab Online Program is unlike anything ever seen before in the game of baseball. Now for the first time ever you can follow simple step-by-step video tutorials which will transform your entire swing and hitting performance.

This 'first of a kind' program is like having your very own personal swing coach watch over every practice swing you make identifying your swing faults and guiding you through simple drills and exercises (both physical and mental) to rapidly progress your "at-bat" game...all from the comfort of your own home or local practice net.

Key takeaways from this program?

  • Player Issues: Discover what are the main issue and problems affecting most young baseball players and how to avoid them...
  • Understanding the science of the swing, (i.e. how different angles effect results of a swing) so you can consistently connect with the “sweet” spot...
  • Learn how to trust the body to do what it is supposed to do. Not doing so will cause you to make hitting more difficult and could lead to injury...
  • Learn how to control your emotions so you don't over-compensate by taking reckless swings if you have a bad round...
  • Get more confidence in your swing. Hitters who understand how the body operates will have confidence...
  • Discover how technology can help you improve your swing and show you what you need to work on. No longer will you depend on opinion or mixed you will use facts instead.
  • Understanding how to have efficient power in the will learn that it's not how big your muscle are but how you can gain more power but moving more efficiently.
  • Learn how to stop hitting ground balls -The best players hit the ball on a line and the air and not on the ground.
  • Learn how to use your core effectively...many coaches talk about it but you will learn that it's the second step in the process to building a successful swing.
  • Learn the importance of the arms and hands. Many hitters today including those in the pros think that you need to master this first only to find out how it's been the death of players swings when used out of order.
  • Discover how to effectively use your lower half. Using your lower half is the first step in a proper swing movement. Screwing this up will set the swing up for failure.
  • Learn how to pick the write size bat. Conventional wisdom says the faster you swing the bat the further it goes. Science says otherwise. You will learn how to pick the properly weighted bat.
  • What scouts look for in showcases: Discover the key things you need to demonstrate at a showcase and what scouts are secretly on the look out for...
  • Stance and stride: Learn the fundamental components of good stance and stride so you get a stronger launch position for more batted-ball speed and shorter ground distance on every hit... 
  • Swing Breakdown: Learn how we dissect the baseball to uncover your potential weaknesses and show you how to focus on those key areas... 
  • Drills & Exercises: Over 50 simple drills and exercises to help you improve each aspect of your swing...
  • Speed & Strength: Learn how speed and strength affect the ball speed and how to increase it
  • More Power: Discover this little known "weight-shift" secret to getting more power with less 

  • Upper Body: Discover the importance of upper body position during transition and why s many players fail to make contact from the correct zone resulting in more slicing and mis-hits.

When trying to decide what price I would place on this product 

I had to consider some things like...

The price of our in-person live camps which is $199 for one day small group session

The cost of our private sessions which are $199 per hour

The price of the swing analysis which is $399

The complete in-house swing rehab program which costs $699

In effect we have taken everything we offer in these products and

packaged into hours of high quality video tutorials which is

the most complete and advanced online baseball curriculum ever created.

My partners wanted to charge $999 for this program which would be great value considering that many of my members are paying hundreds of dollars  per month for the exact same information and guidance.

But I want to make this product even more affordable to all players so price won't  be the obstacle. So for a limited period I am making this program available at a special price of just $99.

But there's a our training methods and technology evolves, so will the course content. That means I will be updating the content as time goes by. And given the high quality of video product and the costs involved the price will no doubt increase.

However buying today, locks in your lifetime membership to this online material at this once price of $99.

World Class Coaching

at a fraction of the price...

$99 For A Limited Time Only




BONUS #1: Free Swing Review - Send Swing Rehab a video of your swing, and receive a full analysis and in-depth video reply with recommendations to improve your full swing. Our staff will explain the strengths and weaknesses in your motions and show you what movements from the 30-Day Program to focus on to improve your swing.. WORTH $99 

BONUS #2: Blast Motion Sensor $50 off. The industry’s most accurate sensor and mobile app capture every action and provide unique insights with HD video.. WORTH $50

BONUS #3: Exclusivce Bat Discounts on some the finest baseball bats on the market. Dinger or Victus bats are used by the games best players. WORTH $$$$

As a bonus for anyone is ready to commit to the development of their baseball game, I want to throw in some extra special bonuses when you start your online training program....

$99 For A Limited Time Only

Cody Asche

Philadelphia Phillies Third Baseman

Rafael Lopez

Toronto Blue Jays Catcher

Jake Odorizzi

Milwaukee Brewers

The Pirates program and Coach Strickland were instrumental in preparing me for baseball at the next level. I would certainly recommend that any player with aspirations of playing collegiate or professional baseball turn to them for the same guidance and instruction they provided me – it is a partnership I could not have done without.

Matt Adams

St. Louis Cardinals First Baseman

Matt Reynolds


The highlight of my offseason is working with Rick to refine my swing and make sure it is efficient. I have seen firsthand the impact he can have on a player’s career. After having a very successful Spring Training applying what Rick taught me, I was promoted to AA. I am now among the league and organizational leaders in 2nd round by the Mets and struggled my first two professional seasons in low A and high A. I was introduced to Rick and we spent the offseason together in 2013.

"From the time I started with Rick every aspect of my swing has improved…plate coverage, power, consistency….I have never been around baseball technology before, and honestly thought it was kind of stupid, until I learned how to use it and it has been a tremendous asset. I looked forward to everyday I got to come hit and learn.”

"Working with Rick and his staff has been amazing. The program is broken down into steps that will guide you through the process of developing an elite swing. When you combine that with his knowledge of how to apply technology this program is a must for any aspiring player.”

I Would Tell Anyone with Aspirations to Play Baseball at the Next Level That a Partnership with Rick and His Advanced Hitting Program is a Must!

Andrew Benintendi

Boston Red Sox Outfielder

"I heard a lot of good things about Rick and his program and it has lived up to the hype. I have been able to learn a lot about my swing and really narrow down what areas I need to work on through the technology and expertise of Rick.”

$99 For A Limited Time Only

Owner, Professional Scout, Developer of  the Swing Rehab Camp,

Rick Strickland has spent much of his life focused on the swing of a baseball bat. How it slices, what effect it has on the ball and on the game. Now you can take advantage of Rick’s passion and talent for hitting with one-on-one, personalized, swing-based training with the man himself.

Rick has had an illustrious career in America’s favorite sport. He was drafted by the New York Yankees in 1989 and played with the world’s most famous baseball team until 1993 as both an outfielder and an infielder.

Who is Rick Strickland?

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