Should great outfielders try pitching?

Hey Jim, hope you’re having a great week, thanks again for having me back on the show. Always excited to come in and answer a few questions and provide a little bit of insight here on the Blast Motion Rick Strickland Baseball and Performance Minute that you give to us. I think the question of the week today was, “My son was the number one catcher on his high school team, but also wants to pitch, is that a recipe for disaster?” It’s kind of a question that is, I would need to know more information about that. We know that throughout baseball there’s a number of guys and gals out there who catch and they also pitch and they may even do it without severely hurting themselves doing it.

One of the things I see that may be problematic for being a two way guy, especially when you’re playing summer travel ball we’re you’re playing two games a day or things like that. I’ve seen a number of occasions where a guy would catch one game and then go in and start, I’ve had that happen to us before, where the kids arm was hurt for a few weeks afterwards. Just a lot of wear and tear on that particular individual, a lot of throws that are being made on that particular day.

In high school it’s a little bit different, because you don’t always play double headers. You usually have a day off in between and more importantly, if you have a high school program that has a very capable second catcher, as long as that catcher can maybe catch a game or two in between and give you that added rest that you actually need between appearances. I think that’d be okay. The issue you may have is trying to pitch and then maybe coming in to a ball game at the same moment, I mean not at the same moment but basically at the same instance that you pitched, that could be bothersome and troublesome, at that time. But there are a number of people out there that have taken the ball, and pitched at a high level rate and caught behind the plate. I don’t know that Buster Posey caught when he was in high school. I do know that he pitched and played short stop, don’t know whether or not the catching part of it came sooner or later, but there’s a number of instances, and you can go back in time, where catchers have actually also pitched, but not on a day in and day out basis.

That’s my chime in for the question of the week, Jim, about that. I wanted to make mention that we’re having our Swing Rehab Camp over President’s Day for those folks who may be interested in that, please reach out to us. If you have any questions, I’m looking forward to next week when I get these great questions that have been coming my way back here and hopefully I can provide some insight into it. Again, Rick Strickland and I can be reached at or check out our website at Thanks Jim, look forward to talking to you next week.

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