RSB Performance Swing Rehab Analysis

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Title: RSB Performance Swing Rehab analysis.

Online physical evaluation. Physically evaluating you allows us to understand the ability of your body in areas of mobility, stability, power, strength, endurance, and motor skill or control. The result are important as all the screenings are directly related to your baseball swing. Deficiencies can hinder swing mechanics, power, and potentially cause injury.

Swing evaluations from our swing professionals. This allows us to understand the stylistic portion of your swing, and determine basic swing characteristics that you possess. Swing connection. This is how your body is impacting the swing and efficiencies of yourself in regards to consistency, power, and injury-prevention.

Baseball drills based on evaluation. We will give you our feedback of your swing, and then you will be given some range or drills to practice.

Comprehensive fitness routine developed by KIRO Strong, St. Louis. Depending on the result of the body swing connection in the swing evaluation, we’ll be implementing a fitness workout for you to follow via website. This will help overcome deficiencies in areas of strength, power, stability, mobility, balance, endurance, and motor skill.

Communication. We’ll be communicating with you via our education platform Edufy. This platform allows all of the above to happen seamlessly with the maximum client provider interactivity. It is a simple platform. It is available on mobile devices as well as desktops.

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