Not Understanding Basic Movie Principles

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Rick: This topic or bullet point is not understanding basic movement principals of throwing a baseball. We live in a crazy world now where everything is philosophy based, philosophy based, philosophy based. I see a lot of philosophy programs that go out and have you pick a baseball up and throw it based upon your age, size, and weight, and they come out with a customized program. Really, nobody is taking a holistic view as to what this individual’s bone structure is, what this individual’s weight is, what this individual’s throw mechanics are. We’re producing a whole bunch of people with the idea and the intent is to throw hard, and really not knowing exactly what the movement principals of throwing a baseball is.

What we suggest to kids is that first of all, you need to know and understand what the basic movement principals of being able to throw a baseball with the least amount of stress to your body. I say least amount of stress because there’s always going to be some type of stress and risk involved in any type of athletic sport that you do, but more so when it comes to throwing a baseball because the body is not designed to take the baseball and throw it over the top.

There’s been a lot of research and studies have been done on what’s the most efficient way to do it to help minimize, not eliminate, but minimize the amount of risk that you would have on your throw. The whole purpose of this is the less risk you have, the more you can actually throw, the more innings you can accumulate. They all have a trickle down effect because you get more innings. You also get the opportunity to throw harder. You also get an opportunity to perform better because you have such efficient mechanics. Understanding the basic movement principals of throwing a baseball are extremely important.

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