Having Unrealistic Recruiting Goals

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The title of this bullet point is Having Unrealistic Goals. It’s really targeting towards our recruitment counseling service. The question’s having unrealistic goals. Many times we been … Over the years, we have come across athletes who want to play certain level of baseball which is division one. Every kid we run across comes into the situation where they want to be a division one athlete, but what’s a division level one athlete?

That’s where the trick comes in. I think people look at that almost as a status at this point, that it’s a confirmation of where you are at as a player. In about 5-10% of the people that we come across over the years, that may be true. However, the other 90% are either at a point that … From a skill position, they haven’t developed physically, athletically, or skill-wise to be put into that mix. It’s not that they won’t be at that level. Really we’re talking about 14, 15 year old kids that are still in their growth spurt as athletes, as people, as we move forward.

However, the recruitment cycles are now at the point where people are making decisions on who are going to be offered scholarships and positions on the division one rosters when they’re 15 and 16 years old. That being the case, the kids that are probably more physically developed at that age group, more skill developed at age group, are the ones that are being offered.

That doesn’t mean that the people that haven’t been offered at this point will not develop individual level. It just means that on the counter, when kids are being offered, if they haven’t physically developed by their 15th or 16th birthday, then they may be left behind at that point.

No worries. What we need to do, especially as you move through this process and find out that either you’re not a developed … A division one level athlete or not, that there’s still other divisions such as division two, division three, NAI, CIAA level baseball where kids can go out and play baseball, competitive baseball, and get a quality education.

What has to happen here is that people need to know what is real and what isn’t real. We have a plan for that, and that is preparing both the skill. Preparing both the academic. Preparing both the athletic and strength training cycles. At the end of the day, you try to find a fit that is good for you.

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