Clear mind for effortless focus…

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Most players don’t know how to get themselves into a mental state where their mind is completely clear in the void of interference. One of complete flow and effortless focus. A mind that is completely free from fear and worry and uninhibited by [that 00:00:18].

It is a state of being completely in the moment or simply just being. Some of us have experienced that when we play, but we don’t know how to get ourselves into that moment more frequently. Instead, we worry about small things. If I don’t get a hit. If I strike out. If I make an error that the coaches may not like me.

Maybe those things do and they do happen in the games, but you have to be able to get yourself back in the moment after that playing time. Most of these kids cannot get themselves mentally prepared for the activity. Very few of us have learned to harness their potential on a consistent basis. Our mental potential on a consistent basis. It can be a struggle because there are so many factors pulling you in opposite directions.

When you hit a bad ball, you instantly begin to analyze what went wrong in my swing mechanics and did I roll properly? All those other kind of things like that. Most guys are doing that in game. We want to be able to get the guys to the point where they can mentally prepare themselves to put the disappointment or the successes behind us as quickly as possible and just stay in the moment.

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