1.Baily Cheatham: Bailey is expected to play mostly at SS this year coming off a terrific year at the 13U level. He is a steady infielder and offers pop at the top of the lineup.

2.Mark Sanders: Mark is a tough competitor both at the plate and on the mound. He is expected to be a top pitcher in this group as well as a middle of the lineup power source.

3.Trenton Harlan: Trenton moves to the catcher position this year but will see time at 1B and on the mound as well. He brings a big bat to the middle of the lineup.

4.Jake Verschoor: Jake is expected to play in the OF where he can display a strong throwing arm and his speed as well as occasionally IF time. Jake has true power at the plate and is expected to be a top pitcher in the group.

5.Reid Hendrickson: Reid is expected to be a top pitcher in this group as well and bring a steady influence to the middle of the infield. While very versatile, he will mostly play 2nd, SS, and 3rd.

6.Gary Volz: Gary brings the strongest overall arm and top speed to the group. He competes very well at the plate and is expected to man the CF position. He will also pitch.

7.Jared Swafford: Jared can be a shut down pitcher from the left side and will see time in the OF where he can show off his speed and arm.

8.Nick Suereth: Another LH pitcher, Nick will see time on the mound as well as in the OF. New to the program this year, we expect big things from him.

9.Tim Ewald: Tim provides a strong, durable LH starting pitcher that will also see time at 1B and OF when needed. He brings a strong bat to the plate as well.

10.Nick Rocco: Another top arm speed guy, Nick’s best position will be RF where he has shown great carry on throws and good speed getting to balls. He knows how to play the game and provides power from the left side of the plate.

11.Evan Ostermeyer: A great overall athlete, Evan is a jack of all trades. He will see time as a backup catcher, in the IF, and the OF as well as work as a pitcher. Also new to the program, we are looking forward to how good he can be.

12.Alec Mills: Alec is new this year and provides great athleticism. He will mostly see time in the OF and hits from the left side. He will provide great depth to an overall very talented group.

13.Riley Kirchner: Riley enters his second year in the program and will see time in the OF. He brings a tough competitive spirit to his at bats.

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