The Series, "The Ultimate Baseball Journey,” is finally here. It took the last 8 years to come to fruition, but baseball players from ages 7 to 18 now have an opportunity to be a part of something special and so do you!

The Combine, The Challenge, and The Classic are right around the corner for our inaugural season. We have been selected by some of the most respected baseball people in the country to help the players in our state become more athletic and complete baseball players, while giving our most talented players something exciting and rewarding. But we cannot do this alone.

You, more than anyone else in this state, know who your better players are. You also know the most talented players that you are always playing against. Our goal has three parts...

One, get every player in this state to understand his strengths and weaknesses. In order for players to improve in our great game, we must test their skills. The Series – The Combine, does this with a standardized system few have ever used before. Two, empower the better players to rise up and attend The Series – The Challenge. These are our individual state championships! The final leg of our journey is to piece together the strongest team we can in every age group from 7/8 to 18 and represent our state at a one-of-a-kind baseball festival, The Series – The Classic.

Let's get your players tested and show them where they rank in every baseball category and help them get better along the way. It will benefit your program and greatly improve our baseball in this state, one individual at a time.

If you have high quality players that are deserving of attending the Challenge and should be recognized as some of the best players in our state, please get us in contact with them or allow us to get you their invite to The Challenge.

If you have interest in joining our scouting network, helping out at The Combines, The Challenges, or would like to coach one of the teams from our state at The Classic, shoot us an email back. We can never have enough eyes out on the field!

The Combine - Your Rating. The Challenge - Your Rise. The Classic - Your Reward

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