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  • Private Lessons and Team Training in St. Louis!

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    We proudly serve the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Private Lessons, Team Training, Online Training and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram ....

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    I have been blessed to work with these partners

    Blast Motion Brought together by a passion for leading edge technology, Blast Motion’s founders saw the opportunity to revolutionize the use of motion capture technology long before it was technologically possible. Today Blast Motion engineers precision motion sensors and app interfaces with the intent of changing the way we communicate. By tying together multiple forms of media and data, Blast allows anyone to easily capture and track any moment, in multiple dimensions.
    HitTrax HitTrax™ is the first and only baseball simulator. A powerful combination of ....

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  • Baseball Athlete Evaluation

    RSB Athlete Evaluation

    Leave the guesswork at home. Our team at Rick Strickland Baseball relies on the most cutting-edge technology to identify mechanical flaws in all aspects of your game and help you become more efficient and effective in every single movement. Fill out the short form on the side of this page to schedule your evaluation today!

    Here's how it works:

    Our in-house Evaluation technology uses a 3D motion analysis, HitTrax Assessment, and Bat Path analysis tools to track your every movement and grades your mobility and efficiency based on your unique skill set. With this data, we can rely on concrete steps to improvement, rather than guessing. The Athlete Evaluation ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Great Pitchers Do More Than Throw Pitches

    Great Pitchers Do More Than Throw Pitches

    Did you know a pitcher could win the Cy Young Award, Most Valuable Player Award, and Gold Glove Award all in one season? That’s because even pitchers are evaluated for defense and are therefore eligible to take home that gold-covered, tanned-leather trophy given to players who exhibit superior fielding skills. The King of the Gold Gloves -- not just among pitchers, but among all players -- is Greg Maddux. He has 18 of them, which is the most ever; he won one every year from 1990 to 2008, with the exclusion of 2003 when Mike Hampton took home the prize. Maddux was spry and athletic, he played hard, and he was smart. He led all pitchers in “range factor” fourteen times ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Bunting Isn't Popular, But It's a Necessary Skill

    Bunting Isn't Popular, But It's a Necessary Skill

    2017: The Year of the Mammoth Blast! Has a nice ring to it, conjuring images of big men, big swings, and lots of power. Which is a far cry from an old-school approach to offense like small ball and its emphasis on getting ’em on, moving ’em over, and driving ’em in. One of the key elements of a successful small-ball strategy is the humble bunt, for both getting on base and for moving runners over. When bunting is used by hitters looking to sneak their way to a single with finesse and speed, it succeeds a surprisingly high percentage of the time: a batting average of .433 in 600 attempts in 2016. When bunts are laid down as a sacrifice -- a critical component of an ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Flashing the Leather Like a Pro

    Flashing the Leather Like a Pro

    Andrelton Simmons of the L.A. Angels is one of the best defensive shortstops of his generation, as statistics like Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) plainly show. DRS is an advanced metric that takes into account almost every measurement of a defensive player’s performance -- infielders’ range, double-plays turned, home run-saving catches, outfield arm, etc. -- in order to determine the rate at which they turn batted balls into outs, relative to their peers. According to Baseball Info Solutions -- the data analytics firm that invented and popularized the formula -- a +5 DRS score is solid, a +10 is outstanding, and +15 is Gold Glove territory. In 2013, when he was just a 23-year-old ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Why All The Long Balls?

    Why All The Long Balls?

    After Aaron Judge’s 496-foot blast on June 10th at Yankee Stadium -- the longest home run to that point of the season -- we got to thinking about long balls. Namely, that there have been lots of them this year and lots that have flown great distances. Thanks to recent technological advances -- like Major League Baseball’s Statcast player-analysis tool and ESPN’s Home Run Tracker -- it’s easy to measure just about anything that happens on a baseball field. Including the distance a batted ball has traveled away from home plate, whether it leaves the yard or not. So far, the 2017 season is shaping up as a record-setter for ones that do leave the yard. A quick glance ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Good Baserunning Begins With the Basics

    Good Baserunning Begins With the Basics

    There’s a lot more to burning up the basepaths than simply having sublime speed. And while the fleetness of foot so many players yearn for definitely helps with beating out grounders and stealing bases, things like anticipation, proper technique, and swift first steps also play a part in the ability to cover 90 feet fast. For professional athletes -- in this case, Major League baserunners -- perception is often reality. Simply being known as a guy who’s quick, opportunistic, and always hustling can unsettle opposing pitchers and take fielders out of their comfort zones, increasing the likelihood that they’ll make mistakes. One way to become a baserunner with a reputation ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - What Makes for a Good Catcher?

    What Makes for a Good Catcher?

    For 1,742 games, one of the game’s best-ever catchers set up behind home plate, looked out on his pitcher and every other player on the field, and took control of the action. And here, in one quote, he has summed up quite nicely baseball’s most demanding position. Also known as The Little General, Bench was a two-time National League MVP, 14-time NL All-Star, and 10-time Gold Glove winner. And, just like every other player to put on the catcher’s gear, he was tasked with directing his troops. That’s the thing about being a good catcher: It includes so much more than simply calling and receiving pitches. It’s definitely the most physically demanding position ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - How Can Young Hitters Develop Their Pitch-Recognition Skills?

    How Can Young Hitters Develop Their Pitch-Recognition Skills?

    If you simply looked at the stats in baseball, you’d likely conclude that the hitters were the Davids and the pitchers, the Goliaths. At least based on last season’s .255 league-wide team batting average you would -- a 25.5% success rate is pretty low in the grand scheme of things. Since hitters are the underdogs in almost every battle, you’d therefore be excused for supporting most of the methods they employ to gain an edge. This would not include things like PEDs and corked bats, but would include things like slathering pine tar, taking practice swings with donuts, and undergoing LASIK to improve their vision. But even with laser eye surgery and the ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - What's the Current State of the Major League Stolen Base?

    What's the Current State of the Major League Stolen Base?

    From 2010 to 2012, the Kansas City Royals were their typical old selves. Like most of the two decades prior, they averaged 70 wins in those three seasons and were out of contention well before the leaves started changing colors. But a funny thing happened in 2013 when they led the majors in stolen bases. They won about 20 percent more ballgames and finished that fall with a robust 86 victories. In 2014, they led the league again in stolen bases and made it to the World Series before losing to San Francisco in seven games. Then, in 2015 -- when they finished second in the American League in SB -- they swiped their way to a World Series championship, taking down New York four games to one. ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - The Importance of Proper Pitching Mechanics

    The Importance of Proper Pitching Mechanics

    Most humans don’t usually think of their arms when considering the most fragile, vulnerable parts of their body, but a certain subset of people definitely do. Since so many of them endure painful injuries simply from throwing a baseball, pitchers are acutely aware of just how delicate their shoulders, elbows, biceps, and triceps really are. The damage can be anything from soreness and weakness to tendinitis and torn ligaments, and they are almost always associated with improper mechanics and overuse. Which in a way is a good thing: the problems have been diagnosed, the battle has been half won. The hard part is ensuring that today’s young pitchers -- and professional pitchers ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Physical Training to Help You Become a 5-Tool Player

    Physical Training to Help You Become a 5-Tool Player

    What do you think the following five former Major League Baseball stars have in common? Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey, Jr., Alex Rodriguez If you guessed something along the lines of “each of them could do everything well on a baseball field,” then you win! And in everyday baseball parlance, “doing everything well on the baseball field” is called being a 5-tool player, and that’s precisely what those five spectacular superstars were. All of them had the ability to consistently: Run fast Hit for power Hit for high averages Field their positions well Throw the ball like it was shot out of a cannon Five players, five tools. How did ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Barrebelled Balls are Optimally Hit Balls

    Barrebelled Balls are Optimally Hit Balls

    Where, oh where, does the barrelled ball come from? It comes from the barrel zone, of course. That’s the range of launch angles and exit velocities -- somewhere between 8° and 50° and starting at 98 mph -- that result in the highest-value batted balls for hitters. We’ve learned where these high-value “barrelled balls” originate thanks to advanced technology that can record launch angles and exit velocities precisely, then employ sophisticated metrics to process the data; and we’ve learned which MLB hitters barrel the most balls. The value of barrelled balls
    Statistically speaking, the best thing hitters can hope for is a barreled ball. It has a ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - The Importance of Mobility in Hitting

    The Importance of Mobility in Hitting

    Two words you’ll hear regularly whenever sports training is being discussed are “flexibility” and “mobility,” and to the average person, they’re synonymous. They’re not quite the same thing, though -- particularly in the case of an athlete learning to swing a baseball bat correctly. In that situation, flexibility might refer to the length of one’s muscle tissue and how far it can stretch, whereas mobility takes into account a whole lot more. And while mobility is just one factor for success at the plate -- along with proper mechanics, good eyesight, and sharp mental focus -- it may be the most important one of all. Because without the ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Technology Use for Batting Practice

    Technology Use for Batting Practice

    James Creighton Jr. was a Civil War-era pitcher whose dominance changed baseball from a game emphasizing fielding, to one showcasing the contest between pitcher and hitter. And ever since then, the latter have been getting the short end of the stick. After all, one of the most famous years for a hitter was Ted Williams’ 1941 season. It marks the last time a player finished a season with a batting average above .400, and is a constant reminder that success a mere 40% of the time is a fantastic achievement for a hitter. Most hitters, however, finish their careers with success rates south of 30%, which leaves quite a bit of room for improvement. And since we all know practice makes ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - What Causes High Ground Ball Rates in Hitters?

    What Causes High Ground Ball Rates in Hitters?

    Distinguishing pitchers’ styles can be quite amusing. There’s an assortment of expressive terms for hurlers’ methods, such as “fireballer” or “knuckleballer”; for their mechanics, like “sidewinder” or “submariner”; and for their tendencies, including “fly ball pitcher” and “ground ball pitcher.” The terminology used for describing methods and mechanics may be more colorful, but it’s probably not as helpful as knowing tendencies -- from pitch-to-pitch, inning-to-inning, game-to-game -- when it comes to predicting outcomes. Take ground ball pitchers, so labeled not because they pitch the ball on ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - 4 Tips to Help You Prepare for a College Baseball Camp

    4 Tips to Help You Prepare for a College Baseball Camp

    One of the best ways to get noticed by college recruiters is by attending a college baseball camp or skills combine. These events give high school kids a chance to show off their abilities to a number of college coaches and scouts at once, giving them increased exposure. These events are also great for coaches, who get the chance to see players who may not be on their radar. Our annual Sandlot 2015 College Camp and Skills Combine is scheduled for December 20th and 27th, and we are looking forward to hosting ballplayers from around the region. We already have 15 schools that have to committed to join, and we hope to announce more soon. The great thing about college baseball camps is that ....

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  • The Newest Baseball and Softball Training Technology, SmartKage

    The newest baseball and softball training technology, SmartKage, is now at EBT St. Louis! EBT is 1 of only training academies in the nation to host this state of the art technology! Find more information at! SmartKage "SmartKage is an invisible technology that defines athletic performance by capturing up to 75 metrics for baseball and softball players. We measure your skills in pitching, hitting, throwing, catching, strength, running and agility. By determining your exact strengths and weaknesses, you can understand your potential, play smarter and compare your skills to other players on your team, facility, or across the nation. Each SmartKage session is a one hour ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - To Tee or Not Too Tee?

    To Tee or Not Too Tee?

    For many high school baseball players, using a tee to practice their swing is child’s play. Sure, almost everyone of us started playing the game at the teeball level before working our way up to live pitching, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revisit using a tee to help fine tune your swing. In fact, many MLB professionals, including a former American League MVP, have turned to a tee to help improve their swing. "Tee drills are good for creating muscle memory: Drive your hip toward the ball and your back knee toward your front ankle," Anaheim Angels slugger Mike Trout told Men’s Journal. Still think you’re too cool to use a tee to practice your swing now? ....

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  • Q&A with Vanderbilt Commit Erik Kaiser

    2017 RHP Erik Kaiser from Waterloo recently committed to National powerhouse Vanderbilt. Kaiser is currently ranked No. 12 in the Illinois Class of 2017 and No. 80 in the PBR Overall Ranks. He joins Waterloo teammates Tyler McAlister (Missouri State) and Jordan McFarland (Arkansas) as Division I commits. Kaiser had been garnering interest from SEC schools since last winter, and shortly after his performance at the PBR Future Games committed to the Commodores. Here is a report from the Future Games. Future Games 2015 - Big bodied 6-foot-4, 190-pound right-handed pitcher matched Corrigan for best fastball velocity on Team Illinois, also touching 90 mph over the weekend at the Future Games. ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Perfect Game Indoor League Jets Forward

    Perfect Game Indoor League Jets Forward

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Fewer than two months have flipped off the calendar since the conclusion of the inaugural Perfect Game National Indoor Hitting League (PGNIHL) six-week season, but planning for a second season – with two six-week sessions – is already moving ahead at a jet-setter’s pace. The success of the league’s first go-around exceeded the expectations of PG Director of Cedar Rapids Facility Programming and Operations Kevin Schuver, who also serves as the PGNIHL’s director. The league utilizes the baseball simulator HitTrax, which according to the company’s website delivers a “powerful combination of analytics and ....

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  • New St. Louis Pirates Tryout Dates

    The St. Louis Pirates are always looking for elite level baseball players. Tryouts are giving a daily basis, but if you are looking for our next outdoor combine/tryout its July 27th for ages 14/15 and July 29th for 16/17 ages at Maryville University. Combine cost is $35 please pre-registered ....

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  • Austin Allen Selected by Padres in 4th Round

    A moment sure to never be forgotten, elation spread from coast to coast when the San Diego Padres officially selected Florida Tech catcher Austin Allen as the No. 117 pick in the fourth round of Tuesday’s MLB Draft. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE! ....

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  • The Series

    Coach, The Series, "The Ultimate Baseball Journey,” is finally here. It took the last 8 years to come to fruition, but baseball players from ages 7 to 18 now have an opportunity to be a part of something special and so do you! The Combine, The Challenge, and The Classic are right around the corner for our inaugural season. We have been selected by some of the most respected baseball people in the country to help the players in our state become more athletic and complete baseball players, while giving our most talented players something exciting and rewarding. But we cannot do this alone. You, more than anyone else in this state, know who your better players are. You also know the ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - SmartSports and Sportvision's Synergy Scouts Smart Baseball Players at Batting Cages

    SmartSports and Sportvision's Synergy Scouts Smart Baseball Players at Batting Cages

    During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Zepp Labs’s Chief Executive Officer, Jason Fass, projected the trends that loom ahead in the category of sports technology. He informed SportTechie that, thus far, there has been a “lack” of data that’s particularly actionable to the end-user, as it pertains to the devices and its respective software in the market aimed to propel athletic performance. A “guided experience” on the software-side is imperative to assist athletes in their comprehension of the analytics displayed to them. The hardware, itself, doesn’t impede the adoption for these tools, especially when the production of them is rather ....

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  • Tallman to Missouri State!

    The Pirates are happy to annouce that Quincy Notre Dame's RHP Justin Tallman has decided to further his education and baseball career at Missouri State University. ....

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  • O'Fallom Shortstop Commits to Alabama Following Big Summer

    Even though shortstop is a fairly physical position in baseball, it's not quite like being chased by mammoth defensive linemen and blitzing linebackers in the Southwestern Conference Read more here: ....

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  • Kostyshock Commits to Arkansas

    2016 RHP Jake Kostyshock (Francis Howell) has committed to play baseball for the University of Arkansas. Jake's commitment comes on the heals of an outstanding summer. ....

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  • Granite City Outfielder Commits to Ole Miss

    By following up a highly successful spring high school season with an even better summer, Granite City High senior outfielder D.J. Miller landed himself a baseball scholarship to the University of Mississippi. Read more here: ....

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  • BePew Uses Arm, Not Bar, to Star in Extra

    Depew scattered seven hits over 3 1/3 scoreless frames to earn the win as Class A Advanced Charlotte outlasted Lakeland, 5-3, in 19 innings at Joker Marchant Stadium. The 22-year-old backstop entered the game with two outs in the 16th inning and allowed two hits -- all singles -- in each of the final three innings. DePew, who said he last pitched as a senior in high school, kept his repertoire simple, except for one pitch that nearly ended the game. "Just a fastball, a changeup and I threw one knuckleball," he said. "I've never thrown it in a game, but playing catch I mess around with it every once in a while. It was the first hitter I faced. I was up 0-2, I tried to throw it up there ....

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  • Team Preview: Elite 14U

    1.Baily Cheatham: Bailey is expected to play mostly at SS this year coming off a terrific year at the 13U level. He is a steady infielder and offers pop at the top of the lineup. 2.Mark Sanders: Mark is a tough competitor both at the plate and on the mound. He is expected to be a top pitcher in this group as well as a middle of the lineup power source. 3.Trenton Harlan: Trenton moves to the catcher position this year but will see time at 1B and on the mound as well. He brings a big bat to the middle of the lineup. 4.Jake Verschoor: Jake is expected to play in the OF where he can display a strong throwing arm and his speed as well as occasionally IF time. Jake has true power at the ....

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  • Private Lessons in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball - Team Preview: Long 13U

    Team Preview: Long 13U

    ST. LOUIS - The 2014 13U Pirates team led by Warren Long started fast this season by winning 3 of their first 4 tournament championships, including a 16-team event at Lenz Field in Jacksonville, IL that featured some of the best USSSA major level teams in the Midwest. Early season highlights included victories over powerhouse teams Wheatland Ducks Gold, Prospects Academy, Champaign Tribe and Vision Baseball. The 13U team returns 11 players from last year’s team, most of whom have played together since 8U. After winning 40 games in 2013, the 2014 Pirates are building momentum for a schedule that includes 17 tournaments and 5 trips out of state for major invitational events. After two ....

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  • St. Louis Pirates Show Big Team Effort in 8-0 Win

    Bryant Jordan (2015, Homeschool, WI) pitched four innings for St. Louis Pirates and threw eight Ks with two walks and hits in their 8-0 win over C.R.F.S. Firestone. Dwight Sutter (2015, John Burroughs, MO) threw two innings with one K, walk, and hit. Corey Chambliss (2015, Oakville Sr., MO) went 1-for-4 with one triple, RBI, and score. Rudy Rott (2015, Aquinas, WI) went 2-for-3 with one double and RBI. Cody Siebenberger (2015, Freeburg Community, IL) went 2-for-4 with one RBI. Shane Melbrod (2015, Christian Brothers College, MO), Ryan Deering (2015, Christian Brothers College, MO), and Jordan McFarland (2016, Gibault Catholic, IL) had one RBI each. Ryan Sosnowski (2015, Fort Zumwalt South, ....

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  • St. Louis Pirates Snag Titles

    The St. Louis Pirates 11U Major baseball team took home the Chesterfield Platinum 12U League title and an AAYBA World Series title during a 67-17-3 2013 campaign, and has been named the Cardinals Featured Team of the Week. Despite being classified as an 11U squad, the Pirates played at the 12U for close to half of the season and ended with a 9-3 league record. On the very last night of league play, the Pirates pulled the upset and took the title. “That’s what makes it more exciting, when you do something no one expects you to do,” coach Larry Kirchner said. Kirchner has been coaching a core group of this squad for the past three seasons and led the team to its first ....

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  • Odorizzi Dominates in IL Opener

    St. Louis Pirates alum sparkles in Triple-A playoff game The following article originally appeared on on September 4, 2013. Pitcher Jake Odorizzi is an alum of the St. Louis Pirates program. He has excelled for Triple-A Durham this season and made five appearances for the Tampa Rays. Click here to read the original article. (Credit: Kevin Pataky/ DURHAM, N.C. -- Jake Odorizzi pitched like he belongs back in the Major Leagues with a sterling -- and at times dramatic -- performance for the Durham Bulls in their International League playoff opener. Odorizzi hurled seven one-hit innings, striking out nine and walking three en route to the Triple-A club's 2-0 victory over ....

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  • St. Louis Pirates to Merge Into Elite Baseball Training

    CHICAGO – Elite Baseball Training announced today that Rick Strickland’s highly successful St. Louis Pirates Travel Baseball Club will become Elite Baseball Training – St. Louis. The Pirates, who began their fall program in 1997, then expanded into a summer program in 2007, have seen nearly 100 players sign D1 scholarships since the program’s inception. 3 former Pirates, including former 1st round pick Jake Odorizzi, are currently on Major League Rosters. Strickland voiced that it is Elite Baseball Training’s common development goals and the digital presence they have promoting players that is attractive in the move. “As baseball guys, our focus tends to ....

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  • Ryan Huck Named New York-Penn League All-Star Game MVP

    Sac Fly and Game-Tying Home Run as AL beat NL 4-3 Ryan Huck is a St. Louis Pirates alum who was drafted this past June by the Oakland Athletics in the 27th round. The 22-year-old first baseman is hitting .341 with five homers, 25 RBI, and a 1.015 OPS through the first 35 games of his pro career. The following article was published on on August 13, 2013. (Photo credit: Shane Bufano) NORWICH, CT --- Vermont's Ryan Huck was named MVP of the 2013 New York-Penn League All-Star Game after tying the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with a leadoff homer as the American League scored two runs for a come-from-behind 4-3 victory over the National League Tuesday Night at Dodd ....

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  • Cody Asche Called Up by Phillies

    Former Pirates player could be team's long-term solution at third base The Philadelphia Phillies called up St. Louis Pirates alum Cody Asche to the majors on Tuesday. Asche, a third baseman, attended the University of Nebraska and was a fourth-round pick by the Phillies in 2011. Asche is viewed as a potential long-term solution at third base for the Phillies. He opened this season at Triple-A, where he hit .295 with 15 homers, 68 RBI, and a .837 OPS over 104 games. The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled Asche's call-up and noted: He unpacked his things Tuesday in a locker nestled between Chase Utley's and Ryan Howard's at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies assigned him No. 25, worn for years by ....

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  • Pirates Win 14U World Series

    Congrats to the St. Louis Pirates Black team for winning the Missouri 14U American Amateur Youth Baseball Alliance (AAYBA) World Series! The Pirates Black team won their opening game 8-4 over Storm Baseball, but they then took a couple of tough losses during the first round of the tournament - losing 5-4 to the Midwest Rangers and 9-8 to Bombsquad. The team rallied on Wednesday, beating Warriors BB 9-1 and AR Spikes 11-4. In the semifinals of the championship (Platinum) bracket, the Pirates Black defeated the Midwest Rangers 10-2. They then took home the World Series title with a 9-0 win over the Illini Prospects! ....

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  • Former Pirate Austin Allen on a hot streak for Florida Tech

    The Martinsville Mustangs were on an eight-game winning streak last week, which has been fueled in no small part by 19-year-old catcher Austin Allen. The rising Florida Tech sophomore was hitting .454 with five runs and seven RBIs during the win streak. Allen connected on his first home run of the season last Wednesday and is riding a 12-game hit streak which dates back to July 13. Read on to learn more about the St. Louis native and how he has turned in a successful summer stint in his first season with the Mustangs... ....

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  • Pirates Capture 11U AAYBA World Series Title

    Congrats to the St. Louis Pirates for winning the Missouri 11U American Amateur Youth Baseball Alliance (AAYBA) World Series! The Pirates went 3-0 during the opening round, outscoring their opponents (BA Bullets, Bandits BB, Gamers) by a combined score of 35 to 7. In the championship (Platinum) bracket, the Pirates defeated the Illini Prospects 4-3 in the semifinals and beat the St. Louis Pro's 10-0 in the finals! ....

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  • 11 Pirates Selected in 2013 MLB Draft

    Williams picked in second round by Brewers The 2013 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft took place on June 6-8, and 11 St. Louis Pirates had their names called over the 40 rounds. Big shout out to all of the Pirates who just entered into the next stage of becoming a big leaguer. Congrats to all! ....

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  • Hazelwood West's Williams Shines Again in 1-0 Victory

    HAZELWOOD • Devin Williams was nearly perfect when he faced Hazelwood Central a week ago and threw a no-hit shutout against the Hawks. So, it could have been unsettling when Central’s first hitter, Deon Frank, hit a rope up the middle for a single vs. the Hazelwood West ace in the Class 5 District 6 final at the Hazelwood Sports Complex on Wednesday. Williams wasn’t bothered, though. “I figured they would have made adjustments because I faced them a week ago,” Williams said. “It’s always tougher the second time around.” It was indeed tougher for the senior standout this time against the Hawks. However, the right-handed Mizzou recruit ....

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  • Draft Focus: Jake Brentz

    We’ll put this in the most simple manner possible. Left handed pitcher Jake Brentz is one of the more unique prospects, with one of the most unique resumes, that has come across the high school baseball prospect scene in the last two decades. Brentz was recently moved up to the No. 8 position in the Perfect Game 2013 class rankings. The Perfect Game staff takes class rankings very seriously as an evaluation of our own opinion on the relative merits of a particular player. The next five players in the rankings are Reese McGuire, Jon Denney, Justin Williams, Ian Clarkin and Trey Ball, which pretty much says what needs to be said about what Perfect Game thinks of this Missouri based ....

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  • Ewald Tosses One-Hit Gem to Lead No. 3 Ladue to 4-0 win at SLUH

    ST. LOUIS • Ladue right-hander Rob Ewald felt comfortable on the mound on Thursday afternoon at St. Louis University High’s Sheridan Stadium. Ewald allowed one hit and struck out 13 batters in 6 2/3 shutout innings, as the visiting Rams beat SLUH 4-0 to hand the Jr. Bills their first loss this season. “This is a big win for us,” Ewald said. “This is our rival. This is one of our big rivals every year. We want to come out and beat these guys. We’ve lost to them a couple times in the district championship and we want to change that this year. I think this is a good step toward that.” A senior who has signed with Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, ....

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