Our Why:

Work with Your Body, Not Against It.

RSB helps players of all levels work with their body, creating a pitch or swing based on movement analysis instead of style. Every hitter or pitcher at every level of play has unique movement and flexibility characteristics holding back their play, hampering their accuracy, or hurting their body. While most coaches teach a style-based approach that often goes against your unique movement style, RSB works with your body to create a swing or pitch that works for you and reduces injury risk while increasing power.

Our Vision:

Pro-Level Training, Designed for Every Level.

Our vision is to help players establish a stronger foundation. Our goal is to bring power of pro- level swing and pitch analysis, correction, and unique-to- you coaching to players at every level. We’re changing the way youth, high school, and college players train. 12 MLB Players, 102 Professionals and 444 College Players have trained with RSB to transform their approach to hitting and pitching.

Our Promise:

Fact-Based Swing, Data-Driven Pitching, Built for Your Body.

Our promise is to help you discover and implement a swing or pitching style that works with your body. We use cutting-edge technology to analyze movement and flexibility,

pairing expert analysis with software tools that help every player feel better, play better and unleash more powerful swings and pitches.

Our Mission:

More Power, A Solid Foundation, Fewer Injuries.

Our mission is to give every player we work with a solid foundation for an injury free playing future. After a fact-based movement analysis, we work with players to optimize flexibility, maximize movement, and achieve peak performance. We will never instruct you to follow another player’s “style” system. You have your own system that’s made for you, you just have to discover it.

Our Process:

Unleash Power with Movement Analysis and In-House or Online Coaching

The process starts with a complete progression of performance measurement tests. Capable of analyzing movement and flexibility efficiency for players of all ability levels and age groups, these data-aided tests uncover movement patterns unique to you. Testing includes: Movement Efficiency Analysis, Range of Motion, Readiness Testing, and Performance.

After testing, training patterns and coaching are customized to design a clear path to a more powerful, injury-free swing or pitching style. Fact-based testing, and a designed-for- you swing training approach are the foundations of the RSB training system. In-Person or Online, our expert coaches will develop a program customized for you and your goals. offers an ultimate and highly considerable training and counseling services for the baseball athletes and coaches. We do not train athletes but transform them into something new, better and sharper than ever. We have the vision to bring the baseball athletes to the next level in their stamina, techniques, and other stuff.