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Rick Strickland Baseball

Replacing Guesswork With Data-Driven Training

Hands-On Skillwork

We take improvement one step at a time, helping you focus on each element of your game with dedicated training and reliable technology.

Comprehensive Coaching

The RSB team is made up of the best baseball minds in St. Louis. We're bringing decades of experience to the table to help you improve every day.

A Proven Track Record

Our system has benefitted some of the most accomplished baseball players in the country. We train and work alongside professionals in all corners of the sport.

Dedication To You

When you get started with us, your success is our priority. We're here to help you get better from day one with high-quality instruction and support.

St. Louis Private Baseball Lessons

Private Baseball Lessons

We're helping baseball players across St. Louis and beyond get more from their game with our Private Baseball Lessons and individualized coaching. Join us today and take your skills to the next level in no time!

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St. Louis Team Training

Team Training

Our Team Training in St. Louis provides baseball players of all skill levels and abilities a chance to rely on professional instruction and improve every aspect of their game with data-driven development.

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St. Louis Online Baseball Training

Online Baseball Training

We're changing the way baseball players think about high-quality coaching with our Online Baseball Training in St. Louis. Train on your time and rely on the highest quality instruction in town!

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We Don't Guess. We Know.

Our Skill Development System Is Built On Cutting-Edge Technology And Concrete Data Points. It's A Customized Path To Success.

Power  in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball


When you think about power, you probably envision bulky muscles and a shredded frame. But how does that translate on the field? Our system measures your power output in every movement and helps you maximize your performance with targeted training and development.

Mobility in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball


Swinging a bat looks simple. But the truth is every movement matters. If your mobility limits rotation, ties up your chest, or locks in your hips, each swing will be a struggle. That's where we come in. Our system identifies those weaknesses and pushes you to address them every day.

Efficiency in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball


Sure, you're making contact; your arm strength is fine. But could you be better? Being good enough masks a lot of our deficiencies and ultimately holds back many players from being at their best. We're here to free your body from limitations and help you move with ease and efficiency.

Improvement in St. Louis - Rick Strickland Baseball


You might spend 10 hours a week swinging off a tee or taking ground balls. But are you really getting better? Without goals in mind and a continuous eye on your progress, it's easy to waste time going through the motions. That's why RSB relies on concrete data for sustainable progress.


What People Are Saying

Still need convincing? Check out what people are saying about us.

Cody Asche- Philadelphia Phillies

Cody Asche- Philadelphia Phillies

I Would Tell Anyone with Aspirations to Play Baseball at the Next Level That a Partnership with Rick and His Advanced Hitting Program is a Must! ....

Brian Smith- Parent

Brian Smith- Parent

Just wanted to send you a quick Thank You. Since Connor went through your latest hitting clinic his batting average is up at least .200 points, and we’ve seen a huge uptick in his power as well. This past weekend in Chesterfield he went 13 for 14 at the plate with 3 walks and 11 RBI’s ....

Matt Reynolds- New York Mets

Matt Reynolds- New York Mets

After having a very successful Spring Training applying what Rick taught me, I was promoted to AA. I am now among the league and organizational leaders in 2nd round by the Mets and struggled my first two professional seasons in low A and high A. I was introduced to Rick and we spent the offseason ....

Giving You A Roadmap To Improvement

Welcome to Rick Strickland Baseball, where we're changing the way you think about skill development. The RSB system pairs cutting-edge technology with some of the most accomplished coaches in St. Louis. We work with baseball players of all ages and abilities, helping you identify weaknesses in your game and improve them in no time with data-driven training methods. From swing mechanics and arm strength to mobility, speed, and power, our baseball training in St. Louis can help you get the most out of your game and excel at the highest levels.

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